The bindlestiff salon







His companions for the night might be a murderer, an unfrocked priest, or one who had unfrocked himself, a professor forced from his warm berth by a dull faculty, a lone driven man running from memory, a fallen archangel and a devil in training, and each contributed bits of thoughts to the fire as each contributed carrots and potatoes and onions and meat to the stew


                   ~ John Steinbeck, East of Eden





In the summer of 2012, Epiphany will begin holding a salon-style reading series named after the wandering bindlestiffs of the early last century, who met unplanned at various locations to share their stories, poetry, and sustenance.

Like the transient gatherings of the last century, our readings will have little warning, and will be great celebrations of language and community, held in various locations in and around New York City. Though there will be featured readers, all attendees will be invited to share their work in true salon fashion. In this way, you might hear a set of poems by your most admired living poet, followed by a brief anecdote by your barista, followed by a micro-essay by Slavoj Žižek  (hey, you never know who might show up). Hats, bindles and whiskey, though not required, will certainly not be discouraged.

Though you may find directions concerning the time and place chalked in code around the city, it might be best to check back often for information about the series. By signing the mailing list to the right, you can also ensure that you aren't left out in the cold when the time comes, as we'll be sending invites to all readings and events to your e-mail.