"Epiphany featured my first story alongside a group of award-winning writers who inspired me with their writing… I'm forever indebted to them for gifting me with this experience."
— PINGMEI LAN, Fall/Winter 2018 Issue

“Publishing in Epiphany helped me feel connected to a broader world of readers and writers... For me, writing in the middle of Wyoming, it was invaluable.”
— STEFANI FARRIS, Winter/Spring 2013 “War” Issue and Fall/Winter 2016 “Beyond The Pale Unknown” Issue 

"It was a joy publishing my poetry in Epiphany…. Small journals like this are the life-blood of literature."
— JENNA LE, Fall/Winter 2014 "Risky Words" Issue 

"Epiphany is a good home for both traditional and innovative writing and art. It has maintained creditable standards all the way through since the first issue, and the care that contemporary work receives here ensures a future for it." 
— ALAMGIR HASHMI, Fall/Winter 2014 “Risky Words” Issue