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Epiphany Spring/Summer 2017

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue features the winners of our 2017 writing contest. This year, the contest was judged by Peter Ho Davies (fiction), Saïd Sayrafiezadeh (nonfiction), Patricia Smith (poetry), and Ann Goldstein (fiction in translation). 

The winning contest pieces are:

“Strange Boy” by Nicholas Amadeo
“Carnies,” ”Chopper,” and “The Fog” (3 shorts) by George Michelsen Foy

“Last Minute Travellers” by Cyn Grace Sylvie (winner)
“Paul the Fox: A Biographical Portrait” by Ashish Seth (runner-up)

"Lost Moth" by Bill Rector
"After She Drowned Me" and other poems by Peter Mason

"Infertility" by Yael Neeman / translated by Jessica Cohen
"Citrus" by Valérie Mréjen / translated by Katie Shireen Assef

*Cover photograph by Betsy Weis

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— Review Review, 2016

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