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Yuan Haowen (1190-1257)

Yuan Haowen, also known as Yishan or "Yuan of Yi Mountain," was from Xinzhou, Shanxi Province. Born at the height of the Jin Dynasty, he expereinced the social unrest and war at the decline of the dynasty. He was the greatest literary figure of his period, excelling at various gneres. His ci poetry is regarded as the best of the Jin period poets.

The Wild Geese's Tomb, translated by Liang Yujing & Julian Farmer


victor martinovich

Victor Martinovich was born in Oshimany, Belarus. his novel, Paranoia--a best seller in Russia, banned in Belarus--received a 2011 PEN award for its forthcoming translation by Diane Nemec Ignashev. Paranoia will be published in 2012 by Northwestern University Press. Martinovich's perviously published work includes Political Parties in Belarus as a Necessary Element of Civic Society, as well as contributions to the Belarusian weekly BelGazeta. his Story, "Taboo," appeared in Best European Short Stories 2011, edited by Aleksandar Hemon.

Paranoia, translated by Diane Nemec Ignashev

Writer's Process, by Victor Martinovich


Vicente riva palacio (1832-1896)

Vicente Riva Palacio was a military man from Mexico City. "El matrimonio desigual" (An Unequal Marriage) was published in 1896 as part of his short story collection Cuentos del general (The General's Tales).

An Unequal Marriage, translated by Toshiya Kamei