color theories

                                        Color as it relates to the senses and morality


She is the first moderation of light.
A medium summons the reflection of yellow
on a white surface.
She disperses along the pale space, stretching herself from pole to pole.
             The Gelbgeist fluctuates, a shape shifter—
                          is in her purest form just before transformation.
When combined with the opposition, they will meet in the middle.

The Gelbgeist is pregnant and glowing. Brings forth a gaiety of character.
In this state, she is an agreeable surrounding. imagine her as a garment, a rug, a curtain— she permeates. The Gelbgeist is a gold curtain falling—dress her up and take her to the theatre.

She leaves an impression. Time and again, we expect a warm and welcoming expression. She is painted.
             The Gelbgeist is the light. The Gelbgeist is affected.

She may seem pure, lightheated, even noble, but do not cross her.
A sensitive temperament—
among the wrong company, she will lash out.

A sullied yellow.

The Gelbgeist is sulfur, is feeling green, is unpleasant.

She rests on a dull surface and is not operating at maximum capacity.
Suddenly we are aware of how truly disagreeable she can be.
The epithet changes.
From the fire comes a cuckold.

The Gelbgeist is the yellow of bankruptcy.

Yellow is not stationary. Is in a constant state of change. The Gelbgeist in a dark place becomes the Rotgelbgeist—
Through condensation, red enters the scene. All senses heightened.

Oh, what a shifty one she is—
         just as you'd fallen in love again, here comes another.
                     With age comes a lack of innocence.
The Gelbrotgeist induces excitement, is unberably alluring.

Await the falling shoe, though it may never drop.

How savage. How childlike. How raw. How under the skin.
    It is possible that the uncivilized understand temptation the best of all.
The Gelbrotgeist is full of energy and need not await your approval.

Take a good hard look.
Allow the color to penetrate the organs—
    A bull enraged by the Gelbrotgeist as a piece of cloth.
    A scarlet cloak on a cloudy day.
    A dark excitement.

What goes up must come down.

Scientifically speaking, we must approach the other end of the spectrum.

When feeling faint, ill, or restless, please remove yourself and notify a professional.

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