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This holiday season, we are running a campaign to raise $10,000 by the end of the year. This year-end fundraising effort is essential to carry Epiphany into 2019. Please make a tax-deductible donation and help us continue on with the work of championing bright new literary voices. 

Below, read what our authors have to say about Epiphany.


"Epiphany featured my first story alongside a group of award-winning writers who inspired me with their writing. Tracy and Moss were consummate professionals throughout the process. I'm forever indebted to them for gifting me with this experience."
— PINGMEI LAN, Fall/Winter 2018 Issue


"It was a joy publishing my poetry in Epiphany, a journal that is supportive not only of its writers but of the idea of literature in general: this precious, daring idea that, on the printed page, between two beautiful glossy covers, there can be room for literature as something global, ambitious, and provocative, bringing people together at the same time it expands our horizons. Small journals like this are the life-blood of literature."
— JENNA LE, Fall/Winter 2014 "Risky Words" Issue 


"From the poetry to the fiction to the artwork to the sharp editorial eye to the opportunities for emerging writers, Epiphany feels like that rare literary magazine that does every single thing right. It was a real honor to have my first poem appear in these pages, and I look forward to all the new authors to come."
— NICK FULLER GOOGINS, Fall/Winter 2018 Issue

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With Issue 15, "Pent Up Humanity," Epiphany brought an excerpt of my memoir, Bent But Not Broken, into the world. I am especially grateful to Lisa Dierbeck for introducing me to the journal, and to Odette Heideman, Samantha K. Smith and Moss Turpan for their thoughtful, light editing. And now what? The full memoir of Bent comes out in March, 2019, published by Heliotrope Books. Thank you, Epiphany. You made it all real and set things in motion. I love reading Epiphany. There are so many great writers I am proud to compile with.
— DON CUMMINGS, Fall/Winter 2015 "Pent Up Humanity" Issue

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"My story for Epiphany went straight to Lit Hub. Kudos especially to Moss Turpan for his perceptive insights and to the magazine's high level of professionalism. May it flourish!" 
— TERESE SVOBODA, Spring/Summer 2018 Issue


“Publishing in Epiphany helped me feel connected to a broader world of readers and writers. The editors hosted me in NYC for the launch of their special war issue, where I was lucky to hear some wonderful feedback on my story and meet a bunch of fantastic writers. I also had agents reach out to me after seeing my work in these pages. For any writer, of course, that's a lovely confidence booster. For me, writing in the middle of Wyoming, it was invaluable. Epiphany, like so many of the best journals, provides a vital connection and community for writers and readers alike. I'm so grateful to its editors for taking such care with my work and helping it to be seen.”
— STEFANI FARRIS, Winter/Spring 2013 “War” Issue and Fall/Winter 2016 “Beyond The Pale Unknown” Issue 

“I had a wonderful experience with Epiphany. I was delighted to have the opportunity to receive suggestions from two editors on how to improve my story before it was published. Then, when the issue came in the mail, it was a pleasure to read!”
— Lynn Gordon, Fall/Winter 2014 “Risky Words” Issue

"Epiphany is a good home for both traditional and innovative writing and art. It has maintained creditable standards all the way through since the first issue, and the care that contemporary work receives here ensures a future for it." 
— Alamgir Hashmi, Fall/Winter 2014 “Risky Words” Issue